commissioning a painting

Portrait Process

A portrait is personal.  It's personal for the subject and for anyone commissioning a portrait of a loved one. 

So it's personal for me. 

And ideally I like to find out a little about the person. 

I don't ask people to pose for hours staring into the distance. I use video, sketches and still photos. Ideally, I will arrange a video session in a space where the subject is comfortable and I can capture them in sketches and on video in various poses. This process allows me to arrange lighting, colour, backgrounds etc. 

Commissioning FAQs

Do you paint pet portraits?

Yes. From cows and horses to cats and dogs, I've been asked to paint a variety of animals.  I usually work from video or from a series of photos. 

Can you paint a portrait from a photo?

Understandably, there are times when I have to work from photos - if the portrait is a memorial of a lost loved one or a surprise gift. I have also been commissioned to paint places from photos - a favourite location, an ancestral home, even a farm shed.

How long does a portrait take?

Whilst every subject is different, you can allow about 2 months from start to finish of the portrait process.

Can I commission a still life?

Yes. I have been commissioned to create representative still life paintings. For example, a collection of items that represent a career. A watch or spectacles that belonged to a loved one. A favourite cup, teapot, clock. 

How much?

Portrait prices understandably depend on many factors from canvas size to composition. For reference, a standard head and shoulders oil portrait (unframed 22 x 18 inches) on quality canvas starts at €650.

Ask me anything.

If you are taken with the work you see here and would like to enquire about commissions or anything else, you can email me here.